Share Your Faith

you are salt and light

Sharing our faith is a natural response and obedience to the love, power and grace of God in our lives.

If you believe in the good news of Jesus, you are qualified and ready to do so.

Be yourself. Keep it simple.

God is with you. God is for you.

The following are quick tips.

– In who God is
– In who He says you are
– In Who is with you and for you
– Prepare your physical and relational vitality
– Pray

– Be an excellent listener
– Show respect
– Use speech wisely
– Be patient
– Love
– Your time, talents, and treasure
– Your heart
– Your life

– People to a share a meal
– People to play
– People to help out alongside of you
– People into your life
– People to respond to Jesus Christ’s invitation of salvation
– People to be baptized and take communion

– Over and over

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